Devoted to

Impacting Standard Education.

Darul Huda focuses on bringing the best out of your wards by providing them with the necessary facilities needed for standard learning, with wonderful teachers and a good enviroment.

Our Mission

We want to provide the best sets of citizens, well educated and upright.

Our Focus

We focus on delivering the best knowledge to our students.

Our Motto

Education at it’s best.

Welcome Address

It is with utmost tenacity and warm fuzzes I introduce you to Our “Darul-Huda Foundation”. Darul Huda is an elementary school, in its co-curricular, discipline and moral standard, competes with the most sought-after schools grounded in Conventional, Islamiyya and Tahfeez (Quran Memorization) to equip and prepare our pupils for a sound and successful future. Our school buzzes from dawn to dusk with top-notch activities like sports, excursions, Speeches and Debate competitions as well clubs beside our state of art learning activities: we are renowned for our spacious, serene and friendly atmosphere.
The schools makes pupils’ lessons come alive by using primary source of documents, films, biographies, encyclopedia, literatures and creative teaching techniques to reflect on our vision and missions. Beside academics, we emphasis on cordial relationship and problem solving; through team work, communication and interpersonal skills among staff and among pupils.

All efforts are put in place to work closely with individuals, bodies and organizations in providing best services and promoting excellence in all our services.

The small avenue does not provide all the needed information; thus, our door is open for inquiries and visitation. You can also contact us via our electronic media because ‘No one feels anonymous or negligible in this close-knit Darul Huda Foundation’. We can achieve our goals by working closely with all the stakeholders of the school.

Sincerely, For: Darul Huda Foundation, Hajia Alawiyya Aminu Dantata


Our End of term Exam Starts Monday 3rd March, 2017

Our School Uses SAFSMS

Darul Huda Foundation - 2017